5 Easy Outfit Tips Our Favourite Models Always Turn To

Long before social media existed (and back when street style was simply what people were wearing on the street), models were the ultimate fashion muses. Permanently in the public eye or behind a photographer’s lens, these unearthly beings knew—or had to learn—a thing or two about dressing well. No, they may no longer be our only source of outfit inspiration in 2019, but we can’t deny that some of our favourite celeb style icons fall within the model camp.

From running to a casting to attending an A-list party, a model’s wardrobe has to be wide-ranging, versatile and include just the right amount of trend-led detail. Over the last few months, we’ve been keeping an eye on a number of high-profile models to work out what the secret to their style success is. Thanks to our girls Rosie, Jordan, Hailey, Cara and Adwoa, we’ve come up with five key tenets that have shaped their best outfits.

Whether you’re a print lover like Adwoa or more of a “borrowed from the boys” dresser like Cara, scroll down to see our favourite model outfit formulas and re-create their looks with our shopping edits.

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