Trust Me—These 4 Shoe Styles Go With Anything

For many of us in the fashion industry, the start of 2019 felt like a real reset moment. We had long been more conscious of our shopping habits and trying to pull them in check to be more sustainable, but there’s a stronger urge from many women I know to craft hard-working, long-lasting capsule wardrobes that aren’t boring or safe or uninspired, but just as exciting to play with as a closet full of new-in trend-smashing pieces.

A lot of legwork goes into reframing the entire way you shop and get dressed each day, and we’re here to support if you’re embarking upon a similar journey. With the team’s combined extensive experience working in fashion (not to mention a rather impressive amount of time spent scrolling, editing and trying-on for your benefit) we are drilling down to the very core of what’s required for a well-curated collection of clothes and accessories.

It seems like I buy shoes just as much as I breathe, so I’m trying to curb that habit a little by thinking about which styles can be the gift that keeps on giving rather than provide me with the excuse that “I don’t have the right shoes to go with that outfit.” You’ll need to look after them and make best friends with your local cobbler, but do keep reading to uncover the four shoes that go with everything.

Next up, your ultimate summer capsule wardrobe.

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