7 Dress Trends I’ve Noticed on Instagram in the Past Few Weeks

If I were told I could only wear one thing for the rest of my life (who is this cruel person I’m listening to?), I would have to choose a wonderful dress. No ordinary throw-on jersey tube but a decadent, pretty, comfortable, swishy, statement-making dress—the kind that isn’t really tied to a particular season or time and that is always guaranteed to garner compliments, even if I have to wear it on repeat. The whole Who What Wear team is, in fact, a bona fide clan of cult-dress obsessives; there’s nothing we track more fervently on social media or add to our baskets more often. In the past few days, we’ve spied a new Ganni piece leading the Scandi pack and uncovered a winning high-street midi that looks so expensive, even wealthy girls are buying it.

Which is why it’s easy for us to spot the next big dress trend from 50 paces… or 50+ hours of scrolling each week on Instagram. Because the weather is starting to turn both in the UK and in some of the countries where we follow a huge number of influencers and industry insiders, we’re starting to see coats being shed and dresses being highlighted as the new hero item of many an outfit. Here’s what I’ve noticed so far when it comes to 2019’s Instagram dress trends.

Next up, your guide to summer’s top sandal trends.

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