Worrying about what to wear to work might seem like a first world problem, but as history has shown us, fashion has (for better or worse) had a habit of becoming a signifier of a woman’s status and in the workplace. Whether it’s the “We Can Do It” boilersuits of WWII or the corporate power suits of the ’80s, clearly there is more to uniform than meets the eye.

Of course, in 2019, women are smashing glass ceilings left, right and centre, but for many of us, deciding what to throw on in the morning can affect the way we carry ourselves. No one knows this better than personal stylist and ex–Vogue fashion editor Ginnie Chadywck-Healey. Not only has Ginnie helped a range of women navigate the world of workwear dressing, but she was also recently announced as Kate Middleton’s new stylist.

We grilled Ginnie on all things workwear-related: From her top tips to looking stylish and professional to her go-to outfit formulas when working at Vogue. Scroll down to see what she said and shop her top workwear picks.

Ex–Vogue editor turned personal stylist Ginnie Chadwyck-Healey.

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