6 Pairs of Classic Sandals You Should Never Throw Away

Shoes are often talked about in fashion circles as the one thing that can truly ‘update an outfit’ or ‘finish off a look’ and that’s often because it’s easier to pick up on a new trend via footwear than an entirely re-stocked closet full of clothes. On the flip side, however, you can always rely on classic shoe styles to always come through for you. They may experience slight dips in popularity or sudden surges in being covetable again, but in general there are some sound footwear choices that never fail and always appeal to the fashion set.

Many of these have been borne from a single, iconic, normally expensive design. Our general tan sandal obsession would be nothing with Saint Laurent’s Nu Pieds or the Hermès Oran, likewise the ongoing adoration for two-strap stilettos—would they have ever existed if Manolo Blahnik’s Chaos heels weren’t so memorable and desirable? And that’s what we’re focusing on today, the instantly recognizable (or at least to those in know) sandal styles that have stood the test of time and can be guaranteed to look chic each and every summer.

Lucy Williams wearing Saint Laurent’s Nu Pieds sandals.
Peony Lim in Manolo Blahnik’s Chaos heels.

Next up, your guide to the key sandal trends of 2019.

Opening Image: @lisasaysgah

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