The 7-Piece Jeanne Damas French Capsule Wardrobe

Parisian It girl Jeanna Damas is known for her cool take on French fashion, and her style is unwavering. Rather than test-driving the latest trends to hit the runways and the street style scene, she approaches fashion from her own point of view. What that means is that she’s often spotted in the same staples, but in new silhouettes and prints each season.

Damas epitomizes the laid-back French approach to style, and her outfits are a lesson in how to pull it off. So what are the pieces that she stocks in her closet?  Below I’ve highlighted the seven-piece Jeanne Damas French capsule wardrobe. If you’re inclined to try out Parisian style for yourself, these are the essentials you’ll want to add to your shopping basket. Go on to see how Damas styles them and shop the capsule collection.


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