Spending over £100 on a swimsuit or bikini can seem like an over-the-top extravagance when you compare it to the cost of an EasyJet flight. If you are upgrading your swimwear, you want to be certain that the cost translates into quality and that it won’t fall apart at the first splash of chlorine.

The founder of Beach Flamingo, Lily Russo-Bah, previously told me that you should always spend over £100 on swimwear: “From my experience, it’s very hard to find well-made swimwear that doesn’t compromise on fit and quality for under £100. Swimwear is costly to produce, as it takes real expertise to get a good fit and to grade the sizing. The cut and fabric have a huge impact on how swimwear looks on the body. I can tell you exactly how something will fit even before I see it on a model, just by looking at the shape. The only way to produce cheap swimwear is by cutting back on these elements, which usually means you end up with a saggy bum, a bikini top that won’t stay in place or a fabric that holds water and takes forever to dry.”

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