One of my favourite things about my job is getting the inside scoop about under-the-radar beauty products that are going to be a big hit. So, when I heard about a £16 shampoo that was flying off the shelves I was all ears.

Formulated specifically with curly girls in mind, Only Curls is a London-based hair brand that is building a small but cult following on Instagram. So much so that, when their products first launched, their travel set of hair miniatures completely sold out.

With their products continuing to whizz in and out of stock every since, a representative for the brand actually told me that “some customers have been mentioning that they have been rationing their bottles to last them”.

Keep scrolling to find out just what makes this £16 shampoo so worthy of stockpiling and to shop my other curly girl hair picks.

Another free from sulphate wash which deeply cleanses your scalp, reduces frizz and keeps curls moisturised for up to three days. Although it doesn’t lather as much as a traditional shampoo, your curls will look bouncier and healthier with every use.
There’s no need for conditioner when you use this cream cleanser. It contains essential oils and aloe vera to pamper dry strands and restore shine and moisture. 
Specially formulated for naturally curly, and tightly coiled hair types this gently shampoo is packed with coconut oil and shea butter for a serious moisture boost. Plus, it smells like holidays.
Great for all hair types, but particularly dry and brittle strands, this bond-repairing shampoo is ideal for restoring elasticity and bounce to lacklustre curls.
An affordable curly girl shampoo option containing hydrating coconut oil, soothing sweet honey and rejuvenating citrus oil to add shine.
This is genuinely one of my favourite shampoos—and not just because of the fresh, citrus scent. It’s a decadent, creamy texture that delivers hair-strengthening proteins and healthy fats to your hair for smoother, more controlled waves and curls.
Not only does this shampoo do a great job of smoothing the texture of curly hair but it contains litchi extract and vitamin E to protect your hair from environmental damage.
Created by one of Stockholm’s most popular hair salons, this Scandi shampoo works to smooth the cuticle of your curls to improve manageability and create soft, shiny coils.

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