Not Sure What to Wear Today? Here Are 12 Outfits Stylish Girls Always Turn To

If you find yourself thinking What should I wear today? basically every day, know that you’re not alone. Even the savviest of style mavens can hit that outfit cul-de-sac where everything looks as it did before and nothing feels new or fresh… unless you splash a ton of cash. So being the wise, sensible, lovely people we are, we’ve sought out some guidance from our favourite style bloggers and Instagrammers that will kick your existing closet into action. And if all else fails, we’ve cherrypicked some key buys to get these looks on the go already. Scroll through the gallery to receive some fast-fashion inspiration for what to wear today…

Reimagining your dress collection as possible top options opens up a whole new realm of outfit possibilities. Layering a light summer dress over white jeans, with the buttons undone keeps this look light and fresh, like Darja’s outfit.
If you’re ever searching for a fast-track to looking expensive, it’s got to be an all-cream or all-white outfit. Keep it simple like Lesley. 
For those days where you need to feel unique, a bold suit is one of the most transformative things you can wear. Erika’s Mango one is still available. Phew.
French girls and Brit girls agree: A big checked blazer looks very cool with jeans. Ada has inspired us to pair ours with white trousers and big gold earrings this season.
Bored of all your daywear? Then start bringing out the party pieces and giving them a makeunder like Ellie and her slip dress + statement top + boots formula.
A good jumpsuit is a one-stop shop for feeling chic. Make sure it fits properly when you buy one and it will be a faultless go-to time and time again. 
Slip skirts came back in a major way last year as a minimalist staple. Take yours for a spin this season with some louder prints and colours like Karo has here. 
Wearing the same printed midi over and over again? Switch things up one day by swapping your go-to sandals for this season’s trending chunky pairs.
Pleated skirts—especially this minimalist one from Arket—are proving themselves endlessly chic this season. Keep the rest the same. 
From that basic tan bag to a simple pair of palazzo pants, don’t overlook the plainer items in your wardrobe—they often look great together, as showcased by Annemiek here.
Classic trench coats make most outfits look infinitely chicer, but when combined with jeans, a tee and chic ankle boots, you really have the ultimate “works every time” combination. Thanks for the reminder, Camille.
Chances are, the first outfit you tried on was nearly perfect. Why not add one more thing, like a silk scarf on your handbag for the final touch? 
Up Next: These 7 Accessories Will Make Any Outfit Look 100% Cooler. This story was published at an earlier time and has since been updated.

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