Atlas for Men: How to choose the right shoes for hiking?

Atlas for Men is the company that offers the best in outdoor clothing at amazingly affordable prices.

The company operates in France, United Kingdom, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Russia, Netherlands, Poland, Czech Republic, and Slovakia.

Atlas for Men France published an article that describes how to choose the right shoes for hiking.

Whether it’s a long term or a day trip, it’s important to choose comfortable, terrain-appropriate shoes. The company offers a few tips to ensure a comfortable hike.

Regardless of whether they are for men or women, hiking shoes meet the same criteria of comfort and safety.

Durable and non-slip hiking shoes

Hiking shoes always have a non-slip sole. This is an important point for wet and therefore slippery terrain. High-quality thick sole will soften the blows. Logically, high-top shoes have a thicker and stiffer sole than low-top shoes.

Choose waterproof hiking shoes

Legs during a hike have to be dry because humidity is one of the worst enemies of the tourist. Choose a water-repellent model that does not leak water or, if necessary, waterproof Hiking shoes. Also make sure the inner lining provides air circulation to limit sweating.

Check your shoes before hiking

When buying, try shoes with a pair of socks suitable for Hiking and preferably at the end of the day. What for? It’s simple: your feet will be a little swollen, tired, more sensitive… as they will after a good walk. Also, do not wear new shoes for a day or more. Always check them first for a short period of time.

For mountain hikes you need shoes with a high top

For hiking in the mountains or even on the shoreline along steep rocky trails, wear hiking shoes with a high top. Indeed, these high shoes provide good foot and ankle support. This reduces the likelihood of sprains.

For usual walks and hikes you need hiking shoes with a low top

For big Sunday walks in the usual terrain, you can put on men’s sports shoes, which you already have, or good women’s sneakers. However, if you can, buy light, soft and comfortable hiking shoes with a low top. More durable than simple sneakers, they are better suited for hiking and walking.

Hiking shoes with middle top

Mid-top hiking shoes are versatile shoes, they support the ankle better than the low-top model, however they are easier than the high-top model. That could be a great compromise.

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