How to avoid looking cheap?

Unfortunately, not all of us can afford to dress designer from head to toe. Today we offer to your attention 5 tips and tricks to avoid looking cheap.

  1. Avoid materials that can’t be done well on a budget

Lace, silk and patent leather are all lovely when done properly, but are also a sure-fire giveaway that your outfit is cheap if they aren’t done quite right. Instead of lace, choose a simpler sheer material, swap a patent leather jacket for a classic dark denim and buy a floaty cotton top instead of a cheap silk shirt.

  1. Be aware of linings

Never buy a top, skirt or dress that doesn’t have a proper lining. If you’re unsure, test drive the dress in daylight first (not just in the dark changing-room) before you decide to keep it.

  1. Look after your clothes

Missing buttons, loose threads and scuffed shoes all make it painfully obvious just how affordable your ensemble was. Don’t let your shoes get ruined; sew back on a button if blazer lost one. If you show your clothes a bit of love, it will look a lot better, and for a lot longer.

  1. Stay away from stretch

When it comes to buying jeans, get as far away from jeggings as you can. Try buying straight-leg or ‘Mom’ jean styles that aren’t too trend-focused but that won’t stretch across your body, making the material look thin and unsubstantial, and therefore cheap.

  1. Don’t buy designer knock-offs

The most important rule is to avoid knock-offs. While sometimes the high street can do a pretty good job in duping the catwalk, it will never, ever look quite the same and you’ll fool nobody. Instead of opting for direct catwalk copies, take inspiration from trends in a much more subtle way.

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